Sikkina is derived from the Maltese language and simply means knife. We had visited the region of Malta a few years ago while hiking through the European continent and stopped to visit one of the famed knife experts in Italy. He inquired about our purpose and after we told him about our travel, he asked if we were willing to travel a bit further to find what we needed. We were perplexed but our ears perked up. He whispered the world “Malta.” He told us a local butcher shop in one of the small cities on the Island named Mosta, where a man worked in obscurity of the rest of the world but his reputation and fame did not go unnoticed as people from far and wide came to learn from his knife design and creation skills.

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We immediately changed course and found the next ferry to Malta in search of this man. When we laid our eyes on him, we knew immediately that he was who we were looking for. We spent two weeks in the region and what he taught during this period forever changed our views. It is in honour of him that we have named our company, “Sikkina”.