We are the knife junkies who get goosebumps down our spine when we examine a traditional artisan crafted multipurpose knife. We get a shiver of excitement from learning about the precision of a knife’s edge that will enhance your culinary skills in the kitchen.

We want to remove the dull (pardon the pun) experience of purchasing knives as simply a quick trip to the local supermarket when the previous knife has broken. Instead, our desire is to educate our audience and bring awareness to the multitude of differences that exist between knives. We want to make your cutting experience a memorable one that will transform your mundane time spent cooking in the kitchen

Our desire is to educate you on between the high-quality craftsmanship and your everyday stainless-steel products. We want to help you decide the knife which provides the right amount of comfort, balance and a unique cutting experience each time you slice a cucumber or a rack of lamb.

We don't require you to have 10 years of culinary experience or travel to the corners of the earth learning about the intricate details of artisan knife techniques to make the right purchase.

The reason is that we have done the hard work for you by spending countless number of hours, blood, sweat and tears (well mainly sweat) to ensure that we scoured the globe to learn about the latest cutting techniques, culinary skills, knife materials that provides the most comfort. Based on our research we have created our own line of knives that provide one of the best cutting experiences that you can ever imagine.