Master Lehja™ - Hand Forged Cleaver Knife

  • Master Lehja™ - Hand Forged Cleaver Knife


Master Lehja™ - Hand Forged Cleaver Knife


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  • This knife is best used for

    Coarse Vegetables

    Master Lehja – Artisan Hand Forged Maltese Knife

    As we move towards modernization there are people who claim to have forged the sharpest, most powerful and the most elegant knife ever to have existed in history. These bold claims are made based on the understanding that the artisan craftsman made these knives using the latest technology and research.

    However, sometimes we need to go back to the basics. Steel Blade, Wooden handle and the ability to cut through anything in sight. This is where the Master Lehja  takes its place amongst the other knives. 

    The Master Lehja is a carefully crafted knife designed to satisfy its user's cutting needs without placing much effort on the part of the owner when pressing down on a vegetable on the chopping board. This culinary knife is built to optimize the results of the owner and the blade is made for longevity and reliability.

    The Maltese inspired design is made to provide ultimate flexibility and premium performance in the kitchen. This handmade Maltese kitchen knife is formed with the intent to outperform, outlast and outshine any other knife in the kitchen.

    Let’s break down the Master Lehja  main functionalities:

    Blade: The blade of the Master Lehja has a straight design that enables easy chopping of objects along with a punctured design on the blade to give it the ultimate badass look in the kitchen.

    Handle: The brown wood handle is designed to keep a natural, earthen, organic feel to the knife while chopping. The length of the handle is for medium sized hands without a prolonged blade handle that awkwardly sticks out from that back of the hand.   

    Material: The blade is forged with high carbon steel which makes this a handcrafted knife rank as one of the highest in terms of quality. The handle is made of solid oak which is snugly placed around the blade to create a blade that will perform for a lifetime.   

    Value: The hand-forged item has more intrinsic value than most knives that are factory forged based on the numerous tests have been carried out before production of the knife to ensure it meets all culinary needs.  The blade can be used for several purposes without fear of dulling, as it is made from enhanced steel.  The value of a larger sized blade is that it provides the ability to chop the most difficult of meats while the sharpness of the blade makes it the perfect friend when dicing the onion or tomato.

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