Pitmaster Series - Scimitar

  • Pitmaster Series - Scimitar

Pitmaster Series - Scimitar


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  • This knife is best used for

    Coarse Vegetables

    Introducing the AUS-10 Damascus Steel Pitmaster Series Scimitar Knife.

    Whether you’re cooking at home, barbecuing deep in the woods, or in charge of feeding the neighborhood. The Pitmaster Series is all you’ll need....and it's sure to impress whoever is watching.

    • The Scimitar Knife is the perfect barbecue knife. Delivering on ease and efficiency when slicing raw or grilled meat and larger foods. Narrower than a chef's knife, the curved blade profile helps to follow contours and guide meat away from the bone. The divots prevent food from being ‘stuck on’ as you slice and reduce friction for a more flawless cutting experience.
    • Construction: The Scimitar is manufactured from heavy-duty AUS-10 steel for superior strength, corrosion resistance, and striking good looks. Crafted with a full tang and triple-riveted, you’ll experience maximum robustness and unparalleled performance. 
    • Blade: The blade has been stunningly crafted with AUS-10 Japanese super steel core at an 8-12°degree angle per side and edge retention at 62+ Rockwell. Our unique cryogenic tempering increases the steel’s crystalline structure enhancing the final blade for a lifetime of strength, flexibility, and hardness. 
    • Handle: With an ergonomic handle crafted from military-grade G10 it’s resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. With a non-slip and easy-to-use grip, you’ll be in command of any task with superior hand control, agility, and comfort.
    • Sheath: The fine leather sheath is a unique, handcrafted home for each knife designed to protect your investment for a lifetime of service.

    The Pitmaster Series makes a statement about who you are… a knife master.

    Owning a knife set as good as this might seem marvelously indulgent, but we’re willing to bet that a culinary connoisseur such as yourself can handle the expertise that’s promised. 

    If the Pitmaster Series were to have a mantra it just might be: function, flexibility, and craftsmanship. Together these two bad boys achieve a new level of luxury that will elevate even Wednesday night’s dinner to a premium event!

    Each hand-forged knife is a joy. A true Damascus knife of the highest quality. They are were meant to be together. Handling either one is a seductive hint of what culinary delight lies beyond sundown.

    Whether you’re cooking at home, barbecuing deep in the woods, or in charge of feeding the neighborhood. The Pitmaster Series is all you’ll need.

    Remember, the main rule of slicing and dicing is that if you do it with enough assurance and confidence, you're allowed to do whatever you like. (hmmm that may be a rule for life as well as for culinary pursuits.) 

    Ready to experience a lifetime of superior quality cutting experiences? Culinary connoisseurs the world over are roaring you on. 

    Pitmaster Scimitar:
    Full Length: 15inches (38cm)
    Blade Length: 9.8inches (25cm)
    Handle Length: 5.1inches (13cm)
    Weight: 280g
    Blade Material: AUS-10 Demascus
    Handle: G10 handle 

    *Our Pitmaster Series Scimitar includes a Leather Sheath to protect your blades during storage.

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