Shibui™ - 8.5 inch Gyuto

  • Shibui™ - 8.5 inch Gyuto

Shibui™ - 8.5 inch Gyuto


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  • This knife is best used for

    Coarse Vegetables

    Shibui. The name has an unfamiliar tone when pronounced but that should not deter you from taking the opportunity to become acquainted with the brand-new knife in our Sikkina collection. Shibui is the pride and joy of every culinary chef in the kitchen as it has been carefully handcrafted, forged and assembled to ensure that it provides the best value for the price.

    The enhanced Steel blade has been created with a sharp and defined edge that is meant to swiftly nick any produce or vegetable with the slightest flick of the wrist.

    The sturdy handle has been created to securely place the knife’s blade snugly inside so that the user can maintain a firm grip without having the blade loosen within the blade over time due to use.

    You can be assured that the Shibui will maintain its shape against a whetstone sharpener and never warm upon use. This knife is a quality investment for any kitchen chef who wants to add to their tools in the kitchen.

    Blade: The blade of the knife has a two-toned grey design to give a sleek overall look and finish. It contains high carbon, which guarantees that the edges retain their sharpness for a long period of time. The spine of the blade has a design reminiscent of fish skin, which makes Shibui look visually appealing to the user.

    The Handle: The Shibui's handle is another plus point as it also uses a combination of two colors to represent its beauty. The deep brown handle is contrasted with the circular black finish where the blade meets the handle. It is of a mid-sized length which provides the user convenience while cutting.

    Material: The material of the Shibui collection is of the highest quality. From the high carbon blade that refuses to warp, to the wooden handle that remains strong. This steel knife is a quality product and possession.

    Versatility and Sturdiness: The Shibui can be used for several purposes without fear of it getting dull through repeated use. Users should not think twice if they are cutting tough meats or slicing vegetables as the knife will provide a favorable experience every time.

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