Shujin Nakiri™ - Heavy Duty Cleaver Knife

  • Shujin Nakiri™ - Heavy Duty Cleaver Knife


Shujin Nakiri™ - Heavy Duty Cleaver Knife


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  • This knife is best used for

    Coarse Vegetables

    Introducing the Shujin Nakiri™ which is known in Japan as the "Master Nakiri". A one of a kind professionally-crafted cleaver knife that needs to be in every chef or home cook's arsenal. A good cleaver knife can do it all in the kitchen, effortlessly. Once you have this in your hand, you will never want to put it down.

    • Sharpness: the repetitive hammering blacksmith technique shapes the blade to maintain its sharpness for years to come
    • Versatility: Useful for all kitchen needs from chopping and butchering to outdoor cooking and BBQ's 
    • Blade: Ultra Strength durable Manganese Steel  
    • Durability: The handle has been pressed onto the blade to eliminate separation even after excessive use
    • Hand Forged: Forged by hand and treated with Japanese blacksmith techniques to ensure a quality finish
    • Heavy Duty: The blade and knife have been designed with M390 premium steel to support the weight
    • Handle: The thoughtful ergonomic curved shape helps balance the weight of the blade to provide an effortless cutting experience without any strain
    • Blade Size: The blade’s width, length and weight have been vigorously adjusted and tested to create a one-of-a-kind knife that mathematically balances all the requirements of a sturdy knife 

    When all else fails in the kitchen, the Shujin Nakiri shows up to the party, regardless of the size of the food or the toughness of the meat. 

    The Shujin Nakiri knife does not mess around when it comes to doing the work that others are afraid of.

    Each blade goes through an extensive quality assurance process. It is tested to ensure it will exceed your expectations.

    Unlike the traditional rectangular shaped cleaver, the 8.7in Shujin Nakiri™ is a uniquely shaped cleaver knife made with Manganese steel, which is shaped to get the toughest jobs done without any effort. 

    The full-tang curved handle is meticulously constructed and ergonomically shaped to fit in your hand comfortably. It's decorated with mosaic pins, and resistant to heat, cold and moisture.

    The Shujin Nakiri™ is a tough knife that can cut through joints of chicken, beef bones, as well as fish bones. This awesome piece of steel can also be used to chop, mince, and slice fruits and veggies, especially gourds and pineapple.

    The versatility of this knife can be used outdoors while you're camping or hunting or in professional kitchens. You will be the talk of the Saturday afternoon barbecue while you're prepping the meat to toss on the grill. 

    The Shujin Nakiri™ is perfect for the hunter who caught his favorite game meat to help with butchering.

    This uniquely shaped cleaver will standout amongst all your knives!

    You don't want to miss out on owning the Shujin Nakiri™ to prep and prepare your next meal!

    Specifications & Details:

    Total Length: 13.0 in ( 33.0 cm )
    Blade Length: 8.7 in ( 22 cm )
    Handle Length: 4.3 in ( 10.5 cm )
    Blade Width: 3.7 in ( 9.5 cm )
    Blade thickness: 0.3 in ( 0.8 cm )
    Weight: 3.64 lb ( 1650 g )
    Blade Material: Hand Forged Manganese Steel
    Handle Material: Full Tang Steel Integrated Wood with mosaic pins

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