Properly Caring for Kitchen Knives

To ensure that your Sikkina Kitchen Knives are always slicing and dicing at their “like-new” status, it is important to take good care of them. This comes in many shapes and forms, from using the knives for the correct tasks to washing and cleaning properly. Knife care will ensure that any knife set lasts for a long period of time and will offer durability. Many chefs invest a lot of money into their knife set and should care for them closely to ensure that their investment is a justified one.

Here are some of the best secrets to knife care:

1)     Wash after purchasing and following every use

Take good care of your knives and wash them frequently. It is especially important to mention that these knives are not meant to be set in water for extended periods of time, as the blade can rust or become flimsier from the water.

Wash with cold water and dry immediately to reduce the chances of rusting or premature wear. Wash all knives immediately after using them and they will be cleaned and ready for their next use.

Especially after purchasing a knife, immediately wash the knife, as it will remove any sitting dust, germs, or sprays applied to the knife.


2)     Hand washing your knife

Never wash a premium knife in the dishwasher. The high temperature and powerful detergents can be damaging to the premium metals used on knives. The motions of the dishwasher can also chip, scrape, or dull your knife as well. Washing by hand is quick and easy and it allows you to care for the knives with more detail. Be sure to dry the knife immediately after washing, as it can cause rusting or wear if it is left out for too long with water on it.

3)     Choose the Right Storage

The best options for knife storage are a wooden knife block or a magnetic strip. Both methods allow knives to stay stored safely away from children and allow them not to be scratched or dulled by other tools. Storing knives properly will ensure that they are held safely and will not accidentally cut you if you are rummaging through the drawers looking for another tool.

4)     Sharpen Often

To ensure that your knives are working their best, it is important to sharpen the blades to maximize their performance. If you take the time to sharpen your knives, they will work like new and provide long-lasting performance. The best way to take care of sharpening is at home, where you can properly care for your knives on your own and make sure they are always ready for use. A sharp knife can cut through anything you need but using the wrong knife for the wrong task can cause the blade to dull at a faster than normal rate. Be sure to inspect your blades frequently to ensure that your tool is working to its best potential.


A fine kitchen knife is your best tool, so be sure to take close care of each knife. Caring for the knife means it will care for you, offering long term use for many years and performance cutting like the day you first bought it.